Q. What are the features of Friends Funding Friends that makes it a truly revolutionary funding program?

A. 1) The Lifetime Member ™
2) An Over-layed Matrix. There are Six Phases total. However, they are all combined into “One Matrix!”
3) The Monthly Instant Downline Builder
4) You can increase you level of participation to receive substantially more funds.

Q. Can I have more than one position?

A. No, you may only have one position. You are better off having a position at a higher amount than having 2 positions at a smaller amount.

Q. Does it cost anything to sign up as an affiliate?

A. No, there is no cost to sign up as an affiliate. However, you must first join before you can sign up as an affiliate.

Q. Once I sign up can I use my own link to sign up under myself?

A. No you must use the person’s link who originally referred you because it is illegal to donate to yourself.

Q. How do I receive my funds?

A. You request your funds as they are available. You send an email to: funds@friendsfundingfriends.org. Then the funds are sent directly to you online via Deluxe eCheck. You simply print the check and cash it or deposit it.

We’re also using Money Gram and GooglePay. We will be adding other options in the near future.

Q. Do I need to request my funds donated to me?

A. Yes, to receive your funds you need to send an email to funds@friendsfundingfriends.org requesting your funds.

There are no questions answered at that email address. That email address is strictly for servicing the funds requested.

Q. Do I have to pay taxes on the funds received.

A. As a general rule you do not. However, you should always consult your tax adviser. There are also general guidelines that you can review in the member’s area or by clicking this link.

The link opens in a new window so you will not lose your place.

Q. Can I use the funds for anything I want to?

A. Yes you can use the funds for a new car, house, debt, education, medical bills, your favorite charity, even use the funds to donate to other funding ventures, so pretty much anything you can think of.

Q. If I start at a lower level can I upgrade later?

A. Yes, we highly recommend starting at the highest level you can comfortably afford and upgrade as your earnings increase.

Q. How much money can I donate to another individual in a given year?

A. It is typically $15,000 as of 2018 but please check out the general guidelines in the members area. Also always be sure to check with your tax adviser.

Q. Do the levels need to be full to collect funds?

A. The levels do NOT need to be full for you to receive funds.

Q. Is the company FriendsFundingFriends.org the one giving us the funds?

A. No, the company FriendsFundingFriends.org is just facilitating the funds for it’s members to make it easier to send and receive funds.

Q. Do I have to refer anyone to FriendsFundingFriends.org?

A. You should refer other people as it is a great way for you to help other people learn about receiving funds! There is also the company advertising pool to help all members with referrals. Every member is also added to the company advertising rotator.

Q. Are there any testimonies from other members?

A. Yes you can click on this link.

Q. Do I need any special skills or experience?

A. No you do not need any special skills or experience?

Q. Do I need to pay any huge admin fees?

A. No there are no huge admin fees. However, there is a shared advertising pool that every member contributes to. This helps all of the existing members with new members coming in through company advertising.

Q. Are there any fees for receiving my funds?

A. There are no fees for receiving eChecks as the company pays for these as well as GooglePay. However, there are fees associated with requesting funds using other processors such as MoneyGram.

Q. Can I do my own advertising?

A. Yes, we highly recommend to do your own promotions. But you must use the information listed on the site. In other words you can not make any claims or guarantees about making a certain amount of money or income. Also you can not make claims of making money in a certain amount of time.

Q. How many Lifetime Members™ do I have?

A. You have 1 Lifetime Member™ which is the very first member on the first level of your matrix.

Q. How much do I receive from my Lifetime Member™?

A. You receive 100% of your Lifetime Members™ monthly donation if you are donating the same amount as they are. Otherwise you receive 100% of the amount you are donating at.

Q. Can I join without having a sponsor?

A. Every person that comes into Friends Funding Friends has to be referred by another member or by the company.

Q. Do we have our own website page to promote?

A. Every Friends Funding Friends Member gets their own personal affiliate link for referring other members.

Q. Can we promote Worldwide?

A. Yes, the company is Worldwide.

Q. Does the company keep track of the funds for its members?

A. Yes, our proprietary software tracks everything automatically which you can review in your back office.

Q. Do we have any time limits?

A. No there are no time limits. You can start any time and start receiving funds immediately.

Q. When I donate who am I donating to?

A. The donate button will show the funds are being collected by ImpactMarketing247. However keep in mind, they are only the marketing arm for Friends Funding Friends and the actual donation is going to the friends directly above you.

Q. Will this work for anyone or more specifically for me?

A. Yes, with our fully automated funding system there is no reason why not.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Just follow the simply Getting Started information right on the Friends Funding Friends website.

You can also click on the link that you received either in an email from a friend or in the advertisement that you saw.

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